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Financial Planning

Keys to Financial Planning

Working with a financial planner is a critical step to helping protect your future. That’s why Retirement Evolutions Wealth Management conducts “Keys to Financial Planning” workshops in order to share our knowledge and help you make some key decisions.

We know that financial planning advice doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. Every financial strategy must be custom designed to fit your financial needs, goals and lifestyle. We believe, however, that financial decisions need to be based on information, and, with our experience, we can help guide you through the financial maze.

These are just some of the topics covered in our workshop presentations:

  • Learn the secrets stock brokers and insurance agents use
  • How to help increase investment returns
  • The good, the bad and the details on annuities
  • How to help minimize the fees on your investments
  • How to help minimize taxation on Social Security
  • Invest in the market with a “seat belt” to help protect you in market down times
  • Personal financial planning and the importance of a “financial stress test”
  • Reverse mortgage “advantages and disadvantages”
  • And much more!

We include information on financial planning for retirees to help answer many of the questions that arise when faced with retirement decisions. You’ll learn why having your affairs in order is just as important as the rate of return on money and why you need a medical directive. Our financial advisors will help explain why slow and steady wins the race. We’ll uncover tools to ensure your goals are met.

Our workshops will help provide personal financial planning insights. We believe financial planning advice should be transparent. As an independent financial advisory firm, we do not accept commissions for investment advice and work solely on the behalf of our clients. We always provide unbiased financial advice.

Planning For your Future

Your financial plan should include a mix of investments for diversification. However, purchasing investments, such as stocks and bonds, without a plan can put your wealth at risk. Sound financial investment planning is based on your financial goals, financial situation, inheritance preferences, tolerance for risk and need for financial growth and other factors.

Retirement Evolutions Wealth Management can provide you with a personal investment planner that will help you create your portfolio. We will comprehensively analyze all aspects of your financial health. We will also help manage your asset allocations only after we understand your complete financial situation, preferences and goals. Our approach to investment planning focuses on helping to create a customized portfolio specifically for you.

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