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Retiring in 5 years

As you approach your retirement it is important to have a firm grasp on what your income stream will look like, what your tax obligations will be and what accounts you should draw from first, second, third. On top of the logistics, this is a time to consider how you will find fulfillment in this new chapter. We can help.

Retiring in 10 years

You still have time to add growth to your retirement savings. Properly investing your income and utilizing financial vehicles such as life insurance, annuities, asset allocation and tax management can help to position you and your family for a comfortable retirement while ensuring you leave the legacy you want to leave.

Retiring in 15 years

Though your retirement may feel like a distant or intangible goal, we all know how time can fly. Setting up a plan for the rest of your career and learning how you can make your hard-earned dollars work for you now and in the future is an opportunity not to be passed up. If you are considering your long-term plan and what you can do to save as much as you can, grow as much as you need to and pay as little in taxes as you have to, then we should chat.

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Are You Taking On Enough, Too Much or the Right Amount of Risk?

December 6, 2018

Risk is a necessary element of any retirement plan – because investing in things like stocks which can decrease in value can also give you big increases. Today Jon and Karyn talk about how to manage the risks involved to your own tolerances to give you the right plan with the right amount of risk so that your money will be there whenever you need it.

Defend Your Retirement From Sneak Attacks

December 1, 2018

What sneak attacks could try to derail your retirement plans? Well, some include long-term care and other health costs, or kids coming back home as adults. Jon and Karyn discuss these and a number of other things which could throw your retirement plans for a loop if they are not addressed or planned for.

Striking the Right Balance for a Successful Retirement

November 12, 2018

We all know what a balance sheet is when it pertains to a business. Well, when we retire, we need to check our personal balance sheet – if it’s out of balance, we may not have the money and resources we need to retire in the first place. Today Jon and Karyn go over the steps which need to be taken to be sure your personal balance sheet is where it needs to be in order to live your best retirement.

Essential Money Questions to Answer Before You Retire

November 3, 2018

There are a number of things you absolutely need to know before you make that move into retirement. What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? How much money will I need to save? How long will my retirement last? Today Jon and Karyn help you identify the questions you need to ask yourself – and then help with ways to provide the answers you need as well.

Financial Considerations for Centenarians

October 27, 2018

Have you thought about the idea of living to age 100? Many have not, but in case it happens, your financial plan needs to make your money stretch out that long, or maybe even longer. Today Karyn goes solo to tell you about longevity risk – the idea of outliving your money simply by living too long. She also outlines some ways to help you extend the life of your retirement savings, including managing Social Security, investments and other instruments of savings properly, just in case you might become a centenarian.

Key Financial Steps for People About to Retire

October 14, 2018

Are you about to retire? Or is it at least on the radar? If so you will want to listen as Jon and Karyn go over several key steps which need to be taken to assure your portfolio is ready and your income strategy is correct to provide you the money you’ll need to last 20, 30 or perhaps 40 years.

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