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Getting Back to YOU After a Divorce

By: Karyn Damschen

Divorce is a major life transition and whether you are just beginning the process, in the thick of it or emerging on the other side, you are likely experiencing a wave of emotions that may vary from elation to despair. The bottom line is, no matter who has made the choice to end the marriage it is not a walk in the park and, in most cases, it takes a whole lot longer to get divorced than it does to get married.


Are You and Your Marriage Ready for Retirement?

Retirement can spark both stress and disagreement in an otherwise contented marriage. After years of happy, healthy, wedded bliss, sometimes one or both spouses are surprised to find themselves less than fulfilled once retirement comes. Negotiation and compromise are key elements in a successful marriage—long-time spouses already know this and practice both well. It can be difficult for spouses to enjoy their later years if each wants to sail in their own direction. Marital stress in retirement can be linked to two primary sources: one, the difference in timing on when each spouse retires; and two, different expectations for what life in retirement will be like.