Debbie Conover

Keeping our clients' money safe from volatile and risky investments is our top priority.

Debbie Conover | Service Administrator

Year Joined: 2016

Years of Professional Experience: 30+

What I love about Retirement Evolutions: Being involved with a dedicated group of people that love to make a difference in their client’s world. I enjoy coming in and making an impact and connecting with the clients.

Places I’ve Lived: 25 years in Cleveland, Sacramento, Tucson since 2005

My Hobbies and Passions: Discovering new places and faces traveling in an RV, being with grandchildren, creating websites, being an event planner, being a Rotarian and giving back.



Debbie spends much of her time assisting the advisors in conducting research and preparing materials for meetings. She is also heavily involved in keeping essential databases and electronic filing stays current.

Debbie’s Professional Story

Debbie could technically check the box of “retired”, but her personal engine doesn’t sit well at idle. Debbie’s professional journey includes over 20 years as an owner/operator of an auto repair shop. In her “2nd career” she spent time as an Office Administrator for a financial company, independently prepared corporate and individual taxes, worked as a patient liaison for a home health agency and worked as a coordinator for the Pima Council on Aging. Debbie is a long time friend with Karyn and so when the business was looking for an experienced, part-time set of hands adding her to the team was a natural fit.

Debbie’s Personal Story

Debbie grew up in Ohio and then moved to Sacramento where she married her husband Geary in 1984. After moving on from their auto shop business they were drawn to the clear air of Tucson to spend their retirement years. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Summers months are spent traveling in their RV, meeting up with Rotarians from all over the world and making long visits with family. Debbie and Geary have traveled to most destinations on their bucket list; including Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, and most of the other 50 states.

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