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Jon Magoch

Keeping our clients' money safe from volatile and risky investments is our top priority.

Jon Magoch | Founder, President and Investment Advisor Representative

Jon MagochYear Joined: 2006

Years of Professional Experience: 20+

What I love about Retirement Evolutions: Each day, we are presented with precious moments, learning experiences, educational opportunities and challenges to conquer to make things a little better for those around us. Watching our team and company meet and deliver upon these moments, opportunities, experiences and challenges each day is truly humbling and inspiring. That is what I love about the Retirement Evolutions family!

Places I’ve lived: Tucson, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; Windsor, Canada

My hobbies and passions: Spending time with my daughter and family; travel; golf; warm ocean locales; experiencing the adventures of life while finding the joy and happiness in everything I do.


Jon invests most of his energy either helping existing clients’ evolving retirement planning needs or meeting with prospective clients to design solutions for their unique needs. As president, he also tends to the global strategy and task allocations of ongoing business requirements.

Jon’s Professional Story

Jon discovered early that he had an enterprising itch to scratch. Even in elementary school, he learned that filling a service need (mid-day candy cravings of the students) suited him both in autonomy from the norm and in providing necessary resources in life (money for investing in baseball card collections). Jon explored several other entrepreneurial ventures throughout his years, but ultimately it was time spent in the financial and insurance industry that carved the path toward Retirement Evolutions. He experienced firsthand that even the best products from the best brands had limitations that impacted the thoroughness of people’s retirement planning; namely choice and breadth of focus. So he started Retirement Evolutions to fill that very service need and has never stopped looking for and implementing new ways for the firm to be an optimal retirement planning partner free of the boundaries of conventional financial service firms.

Jon’s Personal Story

Jon is born and raised in Tucson. He briefly sampled some other living environments and certainly enjoys trips to Southern California and Mexico, but Tucson is where his heart is. Jon enjoys a close relationship with his family and most notably with his daughter. You are likely to find them at any one of her activities, traveling somewhere, at the pool or doing something around the house. If Jon isn’t with his family, working or scouring the interwebs, then it’s a good bet he is on a golf course somewhere or thinking about the next time he will be.

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