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Listen to Retirement Evolved, our weekly podcast, hosted by Jon Magoch.

When an Annuity Makes Sense

With the decline of pensions and concerns about Social Security, the topic of annuities has recently come to the fore. Today Jon talks about the social, cultural, and financial reasons for this shift and what it can mean for your retirement.

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Retirement Income Strategies

It’s one thing to save for retirement, but another thing altogether to make sure it gives you maximum impact. Today Jon talks about how money properly placed in a portfolio can help with not only income but also cover inflation, taxes, volatility and other factors that can make your retirement less enjoyable.

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Making Your Nest Egg Last

How do you do that? Today Jon makes suggestions to help extend your retirement savings to make sure your income is always there for you, and how to position your money to best assure that happens.

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Four Questions About Retirement Preparedness

Do you wonder if you are truly prepared for retirement? Is there a key piece you are overlooking for retirement savings? Jon addresses this by posing four important questions involving Social Security benefits, health-care, inflation and other sources of retirement income.

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Know Where Your Money Goes in Retirement

Do you know what you will be spending when you retire and paychecks stop? Today Jon examines how to make sure you have enough income to cover those expenses and how to save enough to be sure you have it.

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Controlling Your Financial Destiny

Everyone wants to call their own shots in retirement. But it doesn’t happen by accident – it happens with careful planning. Jon discusses putting a plan together to make sure you can have the life you want when the time comes to stop working and start enjoying the golden years!

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Retirement’s Biggest Financial Headaches

Debt, lack of income, health care . . . and more. All of which can bring headaches, heartaches and more if your retirement plan does not account for them. Jon talks about how to avoid the headaches – by, of course, having a plan to deal with them.

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